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Don't stop here! Start costing like the BOSS you are and get my 29 ways to lower material and supply costs training now.

How To Cost and Price Products for Profit

Can you relate?

  • You have a product idea that’s keeping you up at night with excitement but don’t know how to start costing and pricing to make money.
  • You’re exhausted wondering if you’ll have dollars to spend on your next product launch.
  • You are DONE working hard to serve your customers and not having enough money left to pay yourself.
  • You break out in a cold sweat whenever you think about your business finances.
  • You feel so much stress about making money in your business that your relationships and personal happiness are suffering.

 If you answered, 'heck yeah!' to just ONE of these stress-inducing scenarios, I’m here to help!

Learn How To Cost and Price Products for Profit.

In this course, I'll show you how to:

✅ Establish your Core Values to help you make business decisions that feel authentic, which leads to a sustainable enterprise.

✅ Translate your Core Values into Brand Values to serve your customers and make business messaging a breeze.

✅ How to Cost your products with clarity and determine per-unit costs

✅ How to Price your products for profitability using a pricing strategy supported by your Core Values 

✅ Product Business Owner Resources to amplify your marketing and wholesale strategies